JAPAN Japan is an amazing country to visit. Located in Asia, Japan is a perfect blend of modern technology and ancient tradition. One can experience the nightlife in cities as well as check out traditional shrines, museums, beautiful lakes, mountains, amusement parks all at once.   There are many tourist destinations in Japan and each place has their own beauty and charm. The people are very friendly and they welcome tourists with great honour.       Climate The weather in Japan is generally temperate,…Continue Reading “Japan”

IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO KNOW. Travelling to new places is always exciting and educational and entertaining at the same time. It is always great to unwind and relax for a while. Going for a holiday to a distant place with friends, family or a loved one is one of the best experiences in life one can find. However, in order to have the best experience of the holiday in the desired destination, a tourist must know places to see, local cuisines to try, and…Continue Reading “Travelling with information”